Apprentice Boy (丁稚, Detchi)[1] is the apprentice of Smith and a good friend of Padfoot Waitress.


As a blacksmith in training, the apprentice wears a dark apron over a white shirt and dark-colored pants and boots.


He is serious about his work, but is still learning the ropes to being a blacksmith.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Three days after Goblin Slayer defeated an Ogre, Apprentice Boy greeted Goblin Slayer walking in to pick up his equipment. After he questioned why Goblin Slayer didn't choose to use their more valuable armor, Smith sternly replied that equipment would be wasted on goblins, and that Goblin Slayer was a man who knew his business.[2]

Goblin Slayer Volume 4

After being rebuffed by Goblin Slayer, Padfoot Waitress took the leftover fish special to Apprentice Boy as his dinner. As he began eating, Padfoot Waitress confided to him that she wondered why Goblin Slayer kept ignoring her. The apprentice suggested that she make beef stew for him, but like all her other meals, was denied by Goblin Slayer (and handed to the apprentice). While having another discussion, he suggested that Padfoot Waitress ask Cow Girl for help.[1][3]

Apprentice Boy later assisted Cow Girl and Priestess as they took a look at the armor in the equipment shop.[4][5]


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