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Belvedere (ベルヴェデール, Beruvederu) is a female protagonist of the Goblin Slayer TRPG series.


Belvedere is a young woman with long purple hair and purple eyes. She is usually seen wearing a yellow hair clip, white garbs and black long boots.


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She is a priestess of the Trading God who left the shrine to hunt vampires.


Goblin Slayer TRPG Replay


  • Martial Artist: 2nd level
  • Priestess: 2nd level
  • Health Points: 14
  • Movement Points: 27

Adventurer's Skills

  • [Heavy Action]
  • [Weapon: Throwing Weapon]
  • [Restrained Attack]
  • [Weapon: Claw]

General Skills

  • [Long Distance Travel]
  • [Prayer]


  • Holy Smite《聖撃 (ホーリースマイト), hōrīsumaito
  • Holy Light《聖光 (ホーリーライト) hōrīraito


  • Whip
  • Leather Armor


  • The word "belvedere" is Italian for "beautiful sight".


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