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Gundamtmnt8 Gundamtmnt8 14 February

Goblin slayer so happy there adding a second season hope it is longer than the last

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CerebralCortexDiscord CerebralCortexDiscord 5 January 2021

High Elf Archer is the cutest

High Elf Archer is the cutest girl and also the best.

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RaiderZ RaiderZ 5 May 2019

Quote template

I imported a quote template into this wiki to use in character articles. The only difference from the format this site has been currently using is that more design is built around it, with two large quotation marks on either side of the quote.

I'm planning to transition from our current format to using this template. Here's a comparison below so you can give some input:

Here's the format character articles currently use:

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet."

And here's the same quote but using the new template:

So if you see a change in how the quotes look on character articles, this is why.

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RaiderZ RaiderZ 2 May 2019


With the activity of administrators/bureaucrats lessening, I've been thinking about adopting the wiki in order to do the following:

  1. Promote the other users who were promised content moderator rights. User:MrCents 04 wanted to do this, but he was unable to since he did not have bureaucrat rights. User:Nekokokokoko, the most recently active bureaucrat, has not been active in two months.
  2. Make minor changes to the navigation bar
  3. Fill in the role of being an active administrator

Do you approve or object? Please let me know!

UPDATE: I have been given admin and bureaucrat rights. I will do my best!

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SnakeDX SnakeDX 21 November 2018

What really happened to these characters.

I decided to check out some websites for Goblin Slayer reviews and came upon the long running Anime News Network. Out of curiosity I decided to check the comment section of the reviews to see what people thought. The latest comments showed 2 guys arguing over whether or not Fighter from Priestess' original party survived and the all female party in the forest fortress were raped before being brutally killed.

One of the guys in question seemed kinda triggered because the other guy said the female party was raped. The first guy showed links to pages of the light novel's first volume which does not clearly state that Fighter survived although the manga and anime shows that she did. As for the female party the anime only shows them naked but I…

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MrCents 04 MrCents 04 14 November 2018

Subject 1 : Tolkien Influence Article

Link: https://goblin-slayer.wikia.com/wiki/Tolkien_influences

Subject: Tolkien Influences


J. R. R. Tolkien's books The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy have influenced the story of Goblin Slayer.

Chapter 20 of the manga mentions the dwarves digging too deep and unleashing a powerful demon, and example to Durin's Bane.

Burglar asks Goblin Slayer a riddle, "What have I got in my pocket?", which Bilbo Baggins asked Gollum once in a game of riddles. Bilbo Baggins was also hired by dwarves to be a burglar in The Hobbit.

Goblin Slayer: Volume 2 Chapter 11 is titled There And Back Again, which is what Bilbo Baggins was to call his book he was writing about his adventures.

The elves call Goblin Slayer Orcbolg, and there is an orc named Bo…

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RaiderZ RaiderZ 10 November 2018

A suggestion on naming characters

Some of us are having conflicts over what names to give certain characters. A few users may prefer using their own translation of the raw Japanese, while other users stick with the official English translation. As far as I can tell, the site has not set in stone which of the two to use.

I personally prefer using the official English translation, because they are done by qualified professionals, rather than common fans and establish it as a more credible source to back up on. As such, the names given in this specific translation are more reliable and verified than ones obtained from one person.

This is just a suggestion by me to slightly improve the reliability of the wiki. Agree or not, additional input below is welcomed.

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MrCents 04 MrCents 04 2 November 2018

Goblin Slayer Fun Facts

DId you know that Goblin Slayer is a counterpart of the popular dark series of the Re:Monster. According to the author, he is very upset at what the story vexing to. Raping and ravish innocent women is out of his league and considered as a wrong depiction of humanity. Thus, he used his knowledge and asked for assistance from the great directors and his friends to create a series that will show that "Rape is considered as a traumatic and horrific blow to the victims. It is not funny to make a series that makes Goblins good than humanity."

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sN0p3xsork

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CerebralCortexDiscord CerebralCortexDiscord 3 July 2018

Here To Help

Hi, I'm here to help make this wikia better for the new visitors that will likely arrive upon the anime's release. A well written wikia shows that there is a strong fanbase that cares about a series enough to keep it well documented. A bad or mediocre wikia on the other hand implies the opposite. I like Goblin Slayer enough to want people to come here and read more about it. The series has a rather confusing setting but enough charm to overlook it.

So do your best to keep the wikia easy to read, understandable, easy to navigate, and casually professional, with less conjecture and more facts.

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Nekokokokoko Nekokokokoko 24 January 2018

Suggestions to Improve this Wiki

What do you feel can be imporved on this wiki? 

All are welcome to contribute an idea or suggesstion on what you feel should be changed or done to better improve this wikia as a whole.

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Nekokokokoko Nekokokokoko 11 January 2018

Request for Admin rights


I have been following Goblin Slayer manga and i saw that you could use some help with the navigation bar and new templates. Moreover, your wikia does not possess a favicon yet, what design do you have in mind? Goblin Slayer's helm?

However, given that i do not have the rights to rewrite the coding on the main page for a make over, I would like to apply for admin rights.

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