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Choushunka (長春花, Chōshunka) is a female protagonist of the Goblin Slayer TRPG series.


Choushunka is a female rhea with short black hair and golden eyes. She is usually seen wearing a red flower-shaped hair clip, a ragged brown cloak over a red blouse and a long ragged black skirt, with a lace-shaped orange corset on her waist.


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She is a former enemy knight who lived in poverty in her homeland. She came to Lansapère City to search for her father's old foe.


Goblin Slayer TRPG Replay


  • Warrior: 2nd level
  • Magician: 1st level
  • Health Points: 12
  • Movement Points: 12

Adventurer's Skills

  • [Secret]
  • [Aircraft]
  • [Weapon: Two-handed Sword]
  • [Parry]

General Skills

  • [Cooking]
  • [Horseriding]
  • [Survival]


  • Round Shield : Mage Shield《円盾 (メイジシールド), marutate : meijishīrudo


  • Eastern Saber《湾刀 (イースタンサーベル), wantō : īsutansāberu
  • Traveler's Cloak : Scarf《旅人の外套 (シャープ), tabibito no gaitō : shāpu


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