Cow Girl's Uncle

Cow Girl lives with her uncle and helps with his farm after her village was destroyed. She loves him very much, since he has taken care of her from childhood while he loves and is highly protective of her. She disagrees with her uncle about Goblin Slayer, as he sees the adventurer as a mad man while she sees him as a great warrior.

She is pleased when her uncle gives Goblin Slayer a chance, when he saves her from the Goblin Lord.


Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is her childhood friend and they were very close but became distant in adolescence.

She lets him regularly stay at her farm when he isn't working, and he doesn't talk about her to others outside of necessity. Cow Girl has a very close relationship with him, constantly worrying about his dangerous and frankly unhealthy pursuits, while she is the subject of Goblin Slayer's concerns when it comes to her safety and well-being, and representing a home and peaceful life for him to return to.

She also blames herself for Goblin Slayer's current mental state, thinking that if she had brought him with her to the city when they were kids, he would have never experienced what he did. She is happy to see him open up more to her about his new friends. It is heavily indicated that she has romantic feelings for him, though chooses not to broach the subject.


Cow Girl seems to get along well with Priestess. She likes the influence that Priestess and the rest of the party have had on Goblin Slayer, believing they are getting him to open up more.