Druid Girl (圃人 (レーア) の少女巫術師, Rēa no Shōjo Fujutsushi)[1] is a member of Heavy Warrior's party.


In the light novel, Druid Girl has long pink hair and wears a green dress adorned with flowers complemented with a green hat. In the anime, she has dark-blonde hair and wears pink clothing.


Druid Girl has a kind disposition and is friendly towards others.


Along with Scout Boy, Druid Girl lied about her age to become an adventurer. Both of them would then be recruited by Half-Elf Light Warrior, before joining Heavy Warrior's party.


Year One Volume 1

Along with Heavy Warrior's party, Druid Girl joined up with a large group of adventurers heading into a gold mine to slay a rock eater within. During the battle, she uses her Kindle spell to raise Heavy Warrior's strength and surround his sword in a spiral flame. Before a Blob was able to drop on her, Druid Girl was pushed out of the way by an adventurer who had recently lost a party member.

Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Before the adventurers of the town battled the Goblin Lord's forces, she reassured Cow Girl that everything would be alright.[2]

Goblin Slayer Volume 4

Druid Girl talked with Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric after their failed adventure in the sewers. After refusing to lend them a weapon, they watched Heavy Warrior and Female Knight spar. Druid Girl then suggested that they go ask the Guild for advice. [3]

Later on, although not seen, Heavy Warrior revealed his entire team was sick, which included Druid Girl. [4]

Goblin Slayer Volume 6

Druid Girl and Apprentice Cleric wanted to learn how to use a sling, and Goblin Slayer agreed to help them. Reacting to Goblin Slayer's serious tone, Druid Girl criticized Goblin Slayer for saying things in a rather harsh manner.[5]


As a druid, Druid Girl possesses magical abilities. During the construction of the adventurer's training grounds, she practiced throwing a sling.


  • Kindle: Buffs the wielder of a weapon and surrounds their weapon with a spiraling fire.[6]


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