Dwarf Scout (鉱人 (ドワーフ) の少女斥候, Dowāfu no Shōjo Sekkō) is a young dwarf who is a member of the party of rookies Young Warrior meets.


Dwarf Scout is a short girl with hair styled into small pigtails. Due to her young age, Dwarf Scout does not sport a beard like other dwarves.[1]


Due to the dwarves' enmity with elves, Dwarf Scout is prone to arguing with Elf Acolyte.


Year One Volume 2

When her party goes to map an abandoned mine, Dwarf Scout and Elf Acolyte were assigned to scout the area. When goblins attack the group, she protects Elf Acolyte so that he can remain stationary and fire his dart gun. Once the goblins are killed, Dwarf Scout recovers several pictographs from the deceased hobgoblin. [1]

The following events are exclusive to the manga.

The party deduces that a warlock had drawn the pictographs, and are attacked by the warlock immediately afterward. Dwarf Scout kills additional goblins ambushing them from behind, but being wounded by a poisoned spear causes her to collapse. As Elf Acolyte removes the poison with Cure, she admits she never thought she would owe an elf her life. After the party is forced to flee the mine, she and the rookies plead Young Warrior to stay with them.



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