Dwarves (鉱人 (ドワーフ) , Dowāfu) are a race in Goblin Slayer typical of ones found in most fantasy series.


Dwarves are short and stout people who typically live underground and have a knack for working with metal and stone. They are much like humans appearance-wise and in regards to their love of treasure and derring-do, therefore it is not rare to see one as an adventurer. Dwarves also have a longer lifespan than humans, but theirs pale in comparison to the elves', whom they have an old enmity with. Unlike women from other common races, dwarf women grow beards as they get older and serves as a mark of their maturity.[1]

Known Dwarves

Known Dwarves
DwarfShaman box.png
DwarfScout box.png
DwarfShamansUncle box.png
DwarfMonk box.png
Dwarf Shaman Dwarf Scout Dwarf Shaman's Uncle Dwarf Monk


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