Elf Acolyte (森人 (エルフ) 司祭, Erufu Shisai) is an elf who is a member of the party of rookies Young Warrior meets.


Elf Acolyte has light-colored hair styled into a mullet, with a large portion of it covering his right eye. He wears a small robe that covers his upper torso.


Elf Acolyte acts in a flamboyant and composed manner, but frequently quarrels with Dwarf Scout due to his race's enmity with dwarves.


Having lost everything to gambling, he turned to a belief in the Earth Mother after a nun gave him alms.


Year One Volume 2

On the party's quest to map out a mine, he and Dwarf Scout were assigned to scout the area. When goblins attack the group, he uses a dart gun to fend them off. Dwarf Scout brings up the precepts of the Earth Mother, to which he maintains that the gun is a minimalist weapon restricted to self-defense.[1]

The following events are exclusive to the manga.

When a warlock attacks the party and duplicates himself, Elf Acolyte uses his dart gun to kill one of the decoys. He is almost attacked from behind by goblins, but Dwarf Scout is able to protect him. When he discovers she was wounded by a poisoned spear, Elf Acolyte uses his Cure miracle to remove the poison. Once the party flees the mine, he and the rookies plead Young Warrior to stay with them.



  • Cure: A healing miracle that can remove poison from an individual.[2]


  • Dart gun: A mechanical crossbow that fires darts. In keeping with the precepts of the Earth Mother, he maintains the weapon is strictly used for self-defense.


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