Elves are people that bear numerous similarities to Humans, but with sharp elongated ears.


Elves come in variations, but overall they are noted for their otherworldly beauty and sharp elongated ears. Unlike most races, they hardly age and they can live for many thousands of years. They have a distaste for fire that goes to the extent of them setting up wards to combat it. Their language is said to have the rhythm of a song or spell. There is an enmity between them and the dwarves that is said to be as old as the gods.

High Elves

High Elves (上森人 (ハイエルフ) , Hai erufu) are descendants of faeries that sport longer ears than other elves. High Elves make for a rare sight, as they don't often leave their forests; rarer still are ones that decide to become adventurers to sate their curiosity about the world.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves are deceptive descendants of their kind who pledge their loyalties to the Demon Lord. However, there are a handful who do not choose this path.[1]


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