Boorish barbarians! Yield before my vast intelligence!

— Evil Wizard

An evil wizard (悪い魔法使い) is a malevolent spell caster and the owner of the white spire that rose in the wastelands, where he was in the midst of a Chaos ritual.


The evil wizard wears an old-fashioned overcoat over a body composed of spirit fire, allowing it to waver like a mirage. His figure is described as wasted and bent and looked as if it were standing in a swamp. In his knobbed fingers, he clasped a staff that appeared as old as its hands.

His voice creaked like a dry branch, a sound a human most likely couldn’t make.[1]


Goblin Slayer Volume 4

As the wizard could not be killed by normal means, Goblin Slayer suggested to Heavy Warrior and Spearman to simply drop him off the top of the tower. As gravity had no words, the wizard fell to his permanent death.


I cannot be killed by those who have words…!

As a Non-Prayer Character, he has successfully completed a Chaos ritual that enabled him to be unkillable by those who can speak words.


  • Lightning


  • In the light novel, he held a staff in his hand, but in the manga, he was only holding an orb.


  1. Goblin Slayer Light Novel - Volume 4, Chapter 6: Of The Destruction Of The Demon-Enthralled Temple Of Doom
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