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Female Wizard (従姉の女魔術師, Itoko no Onna Majutsushi) is one of the main characters of Goblin Slayer Side Story II: Dai Katana.

She is one of the six gold-ranked adventurers renowned for defeating the Demon Lord ten years ago, and is the cousin of their leader.


Female Wizard is a young girl with blue eyes and wavy pink hair with a single strand coming out the back. She is also very well-endowed, having large breasts with an extremely visible cleavage. She dons a green cape over a white minidress, and wears white stockings.


Female Wizard thinks of herself as her leader's older sister, rather than his cousin.



Goblin Slayer Side Story II: Dai Katana

At the Golden Knight tavern in Fortress City, Female Wizard, Half-Elf Scout and their leader discussed recruiting more members to help them challenge the Dungeon of the Dead. When her cousin went to defend a nearby appraiser from being harassed by two adventurers, she encouraged him to defeat the two brutes.

Once the party recruited the appraiser, Female Wizard helped her pick out a black cloth to cover her eyes. She then went along with the group to the Temple of the God of Trade, and watched as her cousin prepared to duel their next recruit.





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