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Fighter (女武闘家, Onna Budōka) is a former adventurer who was part of a porcelain-ranked party on a goblin slaying quest. She retired after the adventure proved disastrous.


Fighter is a young woman with long black hair tied into a waist-length ponytail. She is dressed in pants and robes that prioritize ease of movement while her sturdy boots compliments the impact of her kicks as a martial artist.


Before her ill-fated quest, Fighter was a confident person who firmly believed in the power of her martial arts, which were taught to her by her late father. She cared about her comrades enough to tell Priestess to leave her behind to save the latter's life. After her ordeal, she became despondent and unresponsive.


Fighter trained under her father in martial arts. After the death of her father, she decided to become an adventurer alongside her childhood friend, Warrior.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Fighter, along with two of her friends, decided to become adventurers. They recruited Priestess to be part of their party before taking on a goblin slaying quest. As they entered the caves, they are ambushed by goblins who critically injure Wizard and maul Warrior to death. She tells Priestess to take Wizard and leave her to fend off the goblins.

Fighter easily took down some of the goblins until a hobgoblin entered the fray and easily overpowered her. When the terrified Priestess hesitated to leave her there, Fighter told her again to escape. The goblins proceeded to rip off Fighter's clothes, pin her down to the ground and then rape her until Goblin Slayer came to her rescue.

After the incident, Fighter became traumatized and unresponsive, and was immediately relinquished from being an adventurer. She was then seen being brought to a temple with the other women who were also captured by the goblins to recover.

Goblin Slayer Volume 8

High Elf Archer learned of Priestess's first party when she accompanied her to a graveyard near the Capital to visit Wizard's grave. When she asked if all her former party members are gone, Priestess revealed that Fighter was alive, but adds that she does not have enough courage to go see her.


  • Trained Combatant: Fighter is skilled in unarmed martial arts, capable of taking down smaller goblins with kicks and punches. However, she was not strong enough to take on a normal hobgoblin.
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