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The Forest Princess (花冠の森姫, Kakan no Morihime) is High Elf Archer's older sister and the princess of the elves.


The forest princess is a tall elf with golden eyes, long hair and sharp elongated ears. Her nobility is reflected by the crown of flowers that adorn her head and the silver-threaded dress she wears.


Unlike her outgoing sister, the forest princess is level-headed and mature. She is not fond of her sister's decision to go adventuring and prefers for her to remain in the forest.


Goblin Slayer Volume 7

The forest princess was going to get married with her older cousin, and invited her sister High Elf Archer to attend. Shortly after her sister's arrival, the forest princess encountered High Elf Archer playing with rope and Goblin Slayer, and scolded the former for her behavior. She suggested that Goblin Slayer replace her sister should he find a better replacement, before witnessing Goblin Slayer tell an elf attendant that her goblin tormentors were killed by him.

She asked High Elf Archer to consider quitting adventuring with her friends, but their conversation was put on hold when Mokele Mubenbe attacked. After High Elf Archer's return, the two continued their conversation. the forest princess brought up how she will eventually leave her friends due to their life spans and that it would be a painful experience. Despite her sister acknowledging that fact, the forest princess was disappointed to hear her refuse to quit adventuring regardless. Although frustrated that High Elf Archer refused to listen to her, the forest princess nonetheless wished her to return safely from her adventure.

The forest princess got married after Goblin Slayer's party eliminated the goblins near her home.


  • Archery: Based on her younger sister's thoughts, Forest Priestess is more experienced with the bow than her. She can fire arrows while dodging her opponents' attacks, while High Elf Archer can't.[3]


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