Giant Eye is the name given by Goblin Slayer's party to a flying eyeball-type monster lurking around in a chapel within deepest reaches of Water Town's catacombs. It served as a guardian of the portal the goblins used to enter Water Town.

Lizard Priest described this monster as an agent of chaos and Priestess noted the Giant Eye as the type not to have its name be spoken of.


The massive eye of this creature was almost the same height to that of a person. On the end of each eyelid was an eye, a vast number of them. It was said to be a miniature version of the main eye that each bore a glinting twinkle. Its mouth was full of sharp teeth that suggested a large cat.


The Giant Eye using Disintegration

  • Disintegration: Creates an extremely hot beam of energy that melts anything in front of it.
  • Dispel: Eliminates any active spells within its effective range. The Giant Eye can use Dispel to do away with summoned creatures like Lizard Priest's Dragontooth Warrior and destroy Priestess' Protection spell.


  • The appearance of the Giant Eye heavily resembles that of a Beholder from Dungeons and Dragons.
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