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Goblin Slayer! TRPG Replay is the second light novel volume in the Goblin Slayer! TRPG series, released on August 9, 2019. It is a novelist adaptation of the Goblin Slayer Tabletop RPG.

Official Synopsis

Lansapère is a port city with a huge port and prosperity. However, there are various powers of right and wrong. It is a city of fighting demons and chaos. Four people step into this port city: A young field swordswoman looking for her father's enemy. A servant of the Trading God who wants to hunt vampires. An old lizardman who masters long umbrellas and dragon art. A flirty elf musician who loves dartguns. Each of them has different circumstances and different purposes.

Fights, criminal organizations and even adventurer guilds and temples! A replay full of excitement and thrills in “Goblin Slayer TRPG” based on dark fantasy!

- Amazon Japan


  • Preface: Four Adventurers
  • Chapter 1: The Clear Path of a Certain Girl
  • Chapter 2: The Darkness from the Sea Bottom
  • Chapter 3: Dark Fate. The Fate is Death
  • Additional Monster Data



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Additional Monster Data


  • The characters featured have real names instead of only nicknames or titles.
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