Goblin Slayer (小鬼を殺す者, Saki o korosu mono) is the second episode of anime adaptation of Goblin Slayer. It was aired on October 13, 2018 in Japan and November 1, 2018 in the US.


Goblin Slayer accompanies his childhood friend Cow Girl to the city to sell her uncle's farm produce. He later heads to the Adventurer's Guild to find work, where he is treated by the rest of the adventurers as a weirdo due to his low quality armor and only accepting goblin quests despite being a high ranked adventurer. Nevertheless, Guild Girl is glad for his help since most adventurers don't take goblin quests due to their low pay and those that do are inexperienced. Goblin Slayer reveals that when he was a boy his village was attacked by goblins who killed nearly all the villagers, including Cow Girl's parents, and that he saw his older sister raped and killed by goblins. This led him to train himself and learn how to kill goblins, but also resulted in him becoming socially awkward and obsessed with killing goblins, which Cow Girl's uncle warns will be why Goblin Slayer will never be normal. Cow Girl continues to support her friend despite her uncle's warnings, as she wishes to apologize to him for not bringing him with her to the city on the day before the goblins attacked their village. Later, Goblin Slayer and Priestess attack a fortress occupied by goblins, burning it down and preventing the goblins from escaping. Elsewhere in a large city to the east, a High Elf and her companions confirm that an adventurer they call Orcbolg exists, whom they are looking for.

Characters by Appearance

GoblinSlayer box.png
CowGirl box.png
Priestess box.png
GuildGirl box.png
Inspector box.png
Goblin Slayer Cow Girl
Priestess Guild Girl Inspector
Spearman box.png
Witch box.png
DruidGirl box.png
Female Knight box.png
Heavy Warrior box.png
Druid Girl
Female Knight
Heavy Warrior
HighElfArcher box.png
DwarfShaman box.png
LizardPriest box.png
CowGirlsUncle box.PNG
ElderSister box.png
High Elf Archer
Dwarf Shaman
Lizard Priest
Cow Girl's Uncle
Goblin Slayer's Older Sister
Wizard box.png
Fighter box.png
Warrior box.png

Episode Notes

  • Aside from the aftermath where their corpses are shown, the annihilation of the female party of adventurers by the goblins at the former elven fort is omitted.
  • Goblin Slayer's analogy regarding his actions toward goblins as what goblins are to humans takes place when he is destroying the goblin fortress, instead of at the Adventurer's Guild.
    • As a result, the scene where Guild Girl scolds Goblin Slayer on his analogy is removed.
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