Goblin Slayer Manga Chapter 13
Manga Chapter 13
GS Manga Chapter 13 Cover
Chapter Information
Chapter No: 13
Adapted From: Light Novel Volume 1
Pages No: 31
Release Date (JP) June 26, 2017
Release Date (US) June 26, 2017
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This is the thirteenth chapter of the Goblin Slayer manga.

Official Story

Full Summary

With the goblin cavalry attack stifled by the spear wall and the shamans having been picked off, the battle falls out of the goblin army's favor. The leader of the army decides it is time to send out his heavy units, the goblin champions, so he can make his personal retreat from the losing battle. He vows to rebuild his army while running back to his home, but is stopped by Goblin Slayer, who informs him that his dwelling is gone.

Major Events

  • A defeat is marked for the goblin army as the leader makes his retreat, only for him to be confronted by Goblin Slayer.

Character Appearance

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Abilities Used


Known Locations

  • The Farm

Chapter Notes

  • The manga includes an additional flashback showing Goblin Lord obtaining his signature battle-ax from an adventurer.