Goblin Slayer Manga Chapter 2
Manga Chapter 02
GS Manga Chapter 02 Cover
Chapter Information
Chapter No: 02
Adapted From: Light Novel Volume 1
Pages No: 47
Release Date (JP) June 27, 2016
Release Date (US) June 27, 2016
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This is the second chapter of the Goblin Slayer manga.

Full Summary

Goblin Slayer grants one of the party members the mercy killing they ask for and insists the priestess drink a potion to deal with her wound. She accompanies Goblin Slayer as he goes to clear out the rest of the nest using his own methods combined with her miracles. After successfully clearing the nest, the priestess takes heed of what she had learned and decides to accompany Goblin Slayer on his quests for now.

Major Events

  • Wizard is killed.
  • Goblin Slayer kills the goblins, including the hiding children.
  • Fighter is rescued but is unresponsive and traumatized.

Character Appearance

In Order of Appearance

Abilities Used

  • Holy Light

Known Locations

Chapter Notes

Differences From Light Novel

  • In the Light Novel there is no explicit mention of what happens to Fighter afterwards.