This is the thirty-second chapter of the Goblin Slayer Manga.

Official Description

As the festival rapidly approaches, everyone is busy making preparations. Beset by an ominous feeling, though, Goblin Slayer begins making preparations of his own......
— Chapter 32's official description.

Full Summary

Various adventurers prepare for the upcoming festivities. Goblin Slayer asks Inspector for any goblin slaying quests, but none are available; this leads him to suspect that the goblins were preparing for something. While getting set to work on making traps around town, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest invite him to make lanterns with other adventurers. Later that evening, Goblin Slayer and High Elf Archer have dinner. The former offers her payment in advance if he ever needs her help, but High Elf Archer rebuffs it in favor of taking him on an adventure. Before they start eating, Goblin Slayer asks her what an osmanthus meant in flower language.

Major Events

  • Goblin Slayer finds out there are no goblin quests available, which arouses his suspicion.

Character Appearance

SwordMaiden box
Smith box
GoblinSlayer box
Priestess box
Spearman box
Sword Maiden Smith Goblin Slayer Priestess Spearman
Witch box
Heavy Warrior box
HighElfArcher box
RookieWarrior box
ApprenticeCleric box
Witch Heavy Warrior High Elf Archer Rookie Warrior Apprentice Cleric
Inspector box
DwarfShaman box
LizardPriest box
DarkElf box
RheaScout box
Inspector Dwarf Shaman Lizard Priest Dark Elf
Rhea Scout

Known Locations

Chapter Notes


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