This is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Goblin Slayer Manga.

Official Description

His date with Cow Girl complete, Goblin Slayer is off to his next adventure -- his date with Guild Girl!
— Chapter 34's official description.

Full Summary

After waiting for Goblin Slayer, Guild Girl takes him around town. In particular, the two come across a magician performing parlor tricks; when asked if he liked things like that, Goblin Slayer states he does, adding how the sleight of hand makes it a form of psychological warfare. Wanting to show Goblin Slayer more than just the receptionist part of herself, Guild Girl takes him with her to observe the town from the guild watchtower. She asks Goblin Slayer if this put him at ease, to which he responds that he is unsure, despite the amount of goblins he has killed. After the couple watch the people release numerous floating lanterns, they spot Priestess making her way to a platform for the next event.

Major Events

Character Appearance

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Guild Girl Goblin Slayer Female Knight Heavy Warrior Priestess

Known Locations

Chapter Notes

Differences from Light Novel

  • In the light novel, Guild Girl is wearing culottes instead of a skirt for the date.


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