This is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Goblin Slayer Manga.

Official Description

A new foe revealed. A dark relic recovered. How will Goblin Slayer’s party weather the approaching storm…?
— Chapter 38's official description.

Full Summary

A cloaked man is informed that the ritual in Water Town was thwarted. However, he is sent into jubilation upon receiving a new quest from the gods of chaos. Meanwhile, Goblin Slayer's party intend to burn the barrels of dried fish at a smokehouse in order to smoke out the enemy.

The cloaked man along with a group of goblins enter a ruin to obtain a cursed item, but are confronted by a party of female adventurers who call him out as a dark elf. Despite this, Dark Elf's forces manage to defeat the adventurers and obtain the cursed arm-shaped item. As he and the goblins made their way toward town, Dark Elf recalls that his mission was to offer sacrifices to the relic in order to summon Hecatoncheir, the ancient hundred-handed giant. Suddenly, Dark Elf and his goblins are thrown into confusion by the smoke from the smokehouse, allowing Lizard Priest's Dragon-Tooth Warriors to attack them.

Undaunted, Dark Elf fires a Disintegrate spell at Goblin Slayer's party, only for it to be blocked by Priestess' Protection. Lizard Priest notes that it was strange for a spell caster to provide their main firepower, leading Goblin Slayer to speculate that he may have another goal. Lizard Priest then suggests that they assault them head-on, which Goblin Slayer agreed with. As the party prepares for the assault, Goblin Slayer tells Priestess that she is the key and they are counting on her, which Priestess assents.

Major Events

  • The leader of the goblins is revealed to be a Dark Elf.
  • Dark Elf obtains a cursed item, which he intends on using to summon Hecatoncheir.

Character Appearance

DarkElf box
GoblinSlayer box
DwarfShaman box
HighElfArcher box
LizardPriest box
Dark Elf Goblin Slayer Dwarf Shaman High Elf Archer Lizard Priest
Priestess box

Known Locations

Chapter Notes

  • Unlike the light novel, the manga shows how Dark Elf obtained his cursed item and battled the female adventurers.


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