Evil Sect

Goblins are commonly employed by the Evil Sect to serve them as an army.


Goblin Slayer

Throughout the series, the Goblins are always constantly at odds with Goblin Slayer whenever he sets out to kill them and wipes out their nests. A Goblin Lord regarded Goblin Slayer as the one who got in the way of the goblins' plans. On some occasions, the Goblins are shown to also fear Goblin Slayer.


Humans are the prime targets of Goblins when it comes to their livestock, homes, and women. While humanity in whole do see Goblins as a problem, they are set as lower priority making those of the lower mass constantly live in fear of them.


According to Dwarf Shaman, dwarves regard goblins as mortal enemies.


Like with other sapient females, Goblins have a repulsive lust towards female elves and will enjoy torturing them. Goblins are able to easily pick up a female elf's scent.