Guild Girl

Guild Girl


Guild Girl Full Body

Personal Information
Japanese 受付嬢
Race Human
Job Receptionist
Age 23+[1]
Gender Female
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Family Unnamed Mother
Media Information
Voice Actor Maaya Uchida (Japanese)
Sara Ragsdale (English)
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
"How can you go adventuring without pen and paper?"
- Guild Girl

Guild Girl (受付嬢, Uketsuke Jō) is a young woman who runs the Adventurer's Guild's front office in the Frontier as a receptionist and hands out quests to adventurers.


Guild Girl is a beautiful woman with a hallow gold hair tied into a side plait and yellow-gold eyes. She is usually seen wearing her guild uniform which consists of a yellow jabot, white dress shirt covered by a navy vest, a long black pencil skirt, and a three strap black belt.


Guild Girl is an empathetic individual, showing concern over the villages pleading for help against goblins and rookie adventurers confidently attempting goblin quests, as shown with Warrior's party. Understanding how dangerous goblins really are, Guild Girl muses to herself how goblin attacks are on the rise and villagers are desperate for help, but lack the funds to hire skilled adventurers. Knowing how often rookie adventurers get killed or worse attempting goblin quests, Guild Girl holds much contempt for most silver-ranked adventurers other than Goblin Slayer, as he is willing to take any goblin job, while other adventurers refuse them due to the low reward, lack of fame or disinterest.

She has developed a dislike for boisterous individuals, due to dealing with them on a daily basis, and has developed a type for silent and stoic men. As a result, Guild Girl develops feelings towards Goblin Slayer (being the only adventurer taking goblin quests and being the least boisterous among adventurers).


Guild Girl trained in the capital as a receptionist around the same time Goblin Slayer became an adventurer.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

She was first seen being concerned with the newbie adventurers, which included Priestess, going to kill a goblin nest on their own.

Guild Girl was the one who provided the last push into convincing the adventurers to assist Goblin Slayer against the Goblin Lord. Veterans and rookies alike were skittish about the situation because even they knew fighting an entire goblin army was incredibly dangerous, and Goblin Slayer didn't have the money or charisma to make the risk worthwhile. Guild Girl managed to convince the Guild into turning Goblin Slayer's plea into an official mission with a generous reward (one gold coin per goblin head), winning the adventurers over.

Some time later, she asked Goblin Slayer and an Inspector to help her in a promotion interview with several adventurers. Scout was the first and after they find Scout has been ransacking treasure behind his group's back, she demoted him to porcelain rank and banned him from adventuring. After Goblin Slayer left the room, she admitted to her colleague that she had feelings for Goblin Slayer, though she wished he would at least take her out to lunch.

Goblin Slayer Volume 2

Goblin Slayer Volume 3

A few days before the Harvest Festival, Guild Girl asked Goblin Slayer out on a date to that event.

On the date, she took Goblin Slayer to a watchtower, where they observed lit lanterns floating toward the sky and Priestess performing a god calling prayer. Upon returning to the Guild, however, Rhea Scout, seeking revenge for his demotion, ambushes the couple. Fortunately, Guild Girl's defiance toward the rhea distracted the attacker long enough for Goblin Slayer, who was playing dead, to kill him. Guild Girl briefly broke down and scolded him for making her think he was dead. Still, when Goblin Slayer announced that goblins were on the move, Guild Girl encouraged him to do his best, while putting on the biggest smile she could.[2]


As a receptionist, she has the authority to deny adventurers from accepting requests if she decides they are unfit to accomplish them. Additionally, she holds the position to promote or demote an adventurer. Though not combat based, she does have certain skills.

  • Book Keeping: Guild Girl has to manage the location, time, approximate danger level, and monetary reward of possibly hundreds of requests.
  • Internal audit: Guild Girl showed herself to be quite perceptive with Rhea Scout, noticing that his gear was both new when none of his companions had any, and that it was out of his price range.


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