Goblin Slayer

Guild Girl has a very positive opinion of Goblin Slayer, being one of the few adventurers who frequently take up goblin quests and save the lives of simple villagers. She holds a great deal of respect for Goblin Slayer, due to his willingness to take on many goblin contracts which others would not bother to do. His stoicism (as another guild member has pointed out as her 'type'), good nature, and helpfulness had caused her to develop romantic feelings for him, which have lasted since they met five years ago.[1]

On occasion, Guild Girl can be menacingly assertive whenever Goblin Slayer acts out of line, such as taking quests despite overexertion[2] or making an analogy that he was a like a goblin in the eyes of goblins. [3][4] As such, she is able to intimidate him enough to make him conform to her requests.


Guild Girl finds Spearman's advances annoying and has shown no interest in him romantically.


Guild Girl is happy that Priestess is accompanying Goblin Slayer, thinking he needs companions.



After deducing that Rhea Scout stole treasure for himself during scouting missions, Guild Girl showed disdain for him after he protested the fact that he would be demoted.


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