Half-Elf Ranger (半森人 (ハーフエルフ) の野伏, Hāfuerufu no Nobuse)[1] was a rookie adventurer who was a member of Young Warrior's first party.


Half-Elf Ranger was a young girl with green eyes as well as blond hair tied into a ponytail. She wore a small red cloak and minidress, along with knee-high boots.[2]


Half-Elf Ranger was a strong-willed and adventurous young lady.


Year One Volume 1

Half-Elf Ranger and her party had returned from a successful quest to some old ruins. Deciding they were still beginners, the party settled on a goblin slaying quest.

For this quest, they teamed up with Goblin Slayer to eliminate goblins who had stolen some animals from a nearby village. During the battle, Half-Elf Ranger helps to retrieve a stolen lamb by catching a fleeing goblin with the Snare spell. After appearing victorious, she is attacked by a goblin who was playing dead, but she escapes harm due to Goblin Slayer's quick intervention, who pins the goblin to the ground. She and the rest of her party reacted with disgust when Goblin Slayer then proceeded to cut open this still living goblin to do "research."

The following day, she and her party went to a nearby gold mine to hunt some Blobs after hearing that hunting them had become quite profitable. She suggested that she would just be a hindrance, but her party members encouraged her by citing her ability to control the four elements and Young Warrior assured that he would protect her if anything happened. A blob dropped down toward her from the ceiling, but was cut down by Young Warrior. However, after a loud crunching noise was heard, her party looked up in horror as a rock eater revealed itself with Half-Elf Ranger's partially chewed head sticking out of its mouth.



  • Snare: She is also able to manipulate the four main elements with magic; as such, she can manipulate water into a water snare trap to envelope or trip up an opponent. She uses this technique to stop a goblin from running away with a lamb.


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