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Heavy Warrior (重戦士, Jūsenshi) is a supporting character and a silver ranked adventurer.


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Heavy Warrior is a tall man with short jet black hair and a chiseled face. He also has two large scars on his left cheek from one of his first quests.

He wears a black suit of armor with a cape. Fitting to his name, he wields a large heavy sword.


Heavy Warrior is a straightforward adventurer who feels a thrill when fighting strong opponents. He does have a softer side behind his gruffness however, caring deeply for Female Knight and often taking upon himself to train and protect younger adventurers. Additionally, Heavy Warrior agreed to help Goblin Slayer stop a Goblin Lord's attack under the pretense of getting a reward, when it was mainly out of gratefulness towards Goblin Slayer for saving his village from goblins.


Heavy Warrior acts as an instructor teaching new adventurers basic combat.


Year One Volume 1

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He comforts Young Warrior after the rock eater battle, and sometimes shows up to give him advice and check up on him.

Goblin Slayer Volume 1

When Female Knight expressed disgust towards Goblin Slayer, Heavy Warrior simply told her to ignore him. He later began training rookie adventurers basic combat skills.

When Goblin Slayer asked the town's adventurers to help him defeat an approaching goblin horde, Heavy Warrior accepted once the guild offered one gold per goblin head. However, Female Knight pointed out that he wanted to repay Goblin Slayer for driving goblins out of his hometown, much to his embarrassment. During the subsequent battle, he and Female Knight fought together against a goblin champion.

Goblin Slayer Volume 4

Heavy Warrior leads a temporary party with Lancer and Goblin Slayer to investigate a mysterious tower. There, they confront many gargoyles summoned by the Evil Wizard within it, before killing the wizard by throwing him off the tower.

Goblin Slayer Volume 5

Goblin Slayer Volume 6


  • Strength: Heavy Warrior is powerful enough to block attacks from goblin champions, cut them in two as well as shatter gargoyles.


  • Two-handed sword: A large claymore which he can hold with one hand.
  • Strength potion: A red liquid potion that enhances the consumer's strength. [2]
  • Ring of Might: A enchantment ring with a shining red ruby on it, that enhances his strength once equipped. [2]
  • Magical Sword: A singled handed sword that has magic properties, which Heavy Warrior carries in his backpack.[2]
  • Braces of Expectational Swordsmanship: Braces which have strength enhancing properties, though not as effective as the strength potion or physical-boost enchantment ring. [2]
  • Magic Gloves: Gloves with magic properties which he often equips. Like his braces, while they do enhance his strength, they are not as effective as the equipment in his backpack.[2]


  • Heavy Warrior's placeholder design was that of Guts from Berserk when the series started on an online textboard.[3][4]


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