Humans (只人 (ヒューム) , Hyūmu) are the most common non-monster race seen in Goblin Slayer.


Humans are the most populous race in the setting of Goblin Slayer. A human is considered an adult when they turn fifteen, as shown with Priestess[1] and Hero[2] when they both had to leave their respective temples. Humans lack the ability to see in the dark,[3] but excel in throwing compared to other races.[4][5]

Notable Humans

GoblinSlayer box.png
Priestess box.png
GuildGirl box.png
CowGirl box.png
Spearman box.png
Goblin Slayer Priestess Guild Girl Cow Girl Spearman
Witch box.png
Heavy Warrior box.png
Female Knight box.png
ApprenticeCleric box.png
RookieWarrior box.png
Witch Heavy Warrior Female Knight Apprentice Cleric Rookie Warrior
SwordMaiden box.png
Hero box.png
NobleFencer box.png
Smith box.jpg
ElderSister box.png
Sword Maiden Hero Noble Fencer Smith Goblin Slayer's Sister
CowGirlsUncle box.PNG
SeniorReceptionist box.png
ApprenticeBoy box.jpg
Warrior box.png
Wizard box.png
Cow Girl's Uncle Senior Receptionist Apprentice Boy Warrior Wizard
Fighter box.png
UnnamedBoy box.png
ArcMage box.png
TheKing box.png
WizardBoy box.png
Fighter Unnamed boy Arc Mage The King Wizard Boy
MartialArtist box.png
FemaleWarrior box.png
FemaleWizard box.png
SwordMaster box.png
Sage box.png
Martial Artist Female Warrior Female Wizard Sword Master Sage
YoungWarrior box.png
Lord box.png
Inspector box.png
ScoutBoy box.png
ThePrincess box.png
Young Warrior Lord Inspector Scout Boy The Princess
KnightOfDiamonds box.png
Knight of Diamonds


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