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The Ice Witch is a Non-Prayer Character who leads the sasquatches in the northern mountains. She is one of the antagonists of Volume 9.


A woman, white of skin and hair. She wore clothing that was white as well, as was all her jewelry. The only thing that was different was her eyes that glowed red as blood. Strangely the witch did not seem to be able to cast a shadow of her own.


The Ice Witch was an affiliate of the Demon Lord though her loyalty was only at face value. She was dismissive of demons and looked towards her own agendas. Like her minions, she had a penchant for the flesh of the harefolk tribe.


Little information is known about the Ice Witch though stories have been passed about her as the Ice God's Daughter. In reality she was a vampire that took command of the sasquatches of the northern regions and led them to attack the neighboring hare tribe.


Goblin Slayer Volume 9


As a vampire, the Ice Witch lacked a shadow and had the ability to use illusion and charm her enemies.


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