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Legato Improvvisazione (レガート・インプロヴィザンツィオーネ, Regato Inpurovuizantsuiōne) is a male protagonist of the Goblin Slayer TRPG series.


Legato is a blond young man. He is usually seen wearing a black jacket and brown pants.


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The elf was said to have a flirtatious personality.


He is a musician who left school to become an adventurer.


Goblin Slayer TRPG Replay


  • Hermit (野伏, Nobushi): 2nd level
  • Health Points: 18
  • Movement Points: 18

Adventurer's Skills

  • [Weapon: Crossbow]
  • [Sniper]
  • [Monster Knowledge]

General Skills

  • [Night Vision]
  • [Beloved Child of Spirit]
  • [Entertainment: Performance]
  • [Science]


  • Thunderbolt《雷矢 (サンダーボルト), sandāboruto
  • Drunk 《酩酊 (ダートガン), doranku


  • Dart Gun


  • Even as an elf, Legato does not have long ears.


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