Goblin Slayer! Volume 10 is the tenth light novel of the Goblin Slayer series.

Official Synopsis

Spring has arrived, and Goblin Slayer's party is on the job guarding a vineyard as part of a goblin hunt. This vineyard happens to belong to the Temple of the Earth Mother where Priestess was raised, and one of the nuns most dear to her has become the subject of a disturbing rumor involving goblins...

Priestess is anguished by the cruel whispers, and a hesitant Goblin Slayer comes to a decision-one that may involve shady characters who operate under cover of darkness!


  • Chapter 1: Storm Front
  • Chapter 2: Ghouls & Ghosts
  • Chapter 3: Roguelike
  • Interlude: Of How Everyone Does Their Own Thing
  • Pause: Of Running Through the Shadows of the Capital
  • Chapter 4: A Word from Our Sponsors
  • Chapter 5: Tower Defense
  • Interlude: Of How Everyone Is Fighting for Their Lives
  • Chapter 6: Those Who Love Neither Wine nor Women nor Song


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Chapter 1

Priestess and Goblin Slayer manage to fight off two wargs guarding a goblin nest, after which they deduce that the nest was large in size. Priestess, now seventeen, notes that it had been three years since the day she met Goblin Slayer, but doubts whether she truly matured. She brings up that the Temple of the Earth Mother will be making wine from the early grape harvest, and asks Goblin Slayer if he would like to try any. Goblin Slayer accepts the invitation right before they complete the quest.

After filing the quest report, the two regroup with the other party members, whom had just returned from guarding the Earth Mother's temple vineyard. Lizard Priest tells Goblin Slayer that they found small footprints beyond the vineyard, but they were uncertain of whether they came from goblins or not. In response, Goblin Slayer agrees to inspect the area himself.

A heavy rainstorm occurs the next day, but the weather does not stop Goblin Slayer from going. Once the party gets together, they soon arrive at the Temple of the Earth Mother, where they are greeted by Sister Grape, whom Priestess introduces as one of her seniors. Sister Grape asks for help keeping the grape vines safe from the rain, which the party provides by planting umbrellas, as well as having Dwarf Shaman use spells. Goblin Slayer notices shadows beyond the rain, but chooses not to pursue them after thinking they weren't goblins.

While getting to know Goblin Slayer, Sister Grape thanks him for taking care of Priestess, to which Goblin Slayer replies that Priestess was the one helping him. Sister Grape informs him of a goblin presence in a nearby pioneer village, and Goblin Slayer immediately agrees to deal with it.

Not along after the day passes, rumors began to spread that Sister Grape was the daughter of a goblin.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3



Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Chapter 6


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