This is a list of minor characters that make brief appearances in the events of Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer!

Amazon Warrior



A noticeably muscular female adventurer who participated in the battle against the Goblin Lord. During the battle, she saved Rookie Warrior by killing a goblin who was playing dead.

Manga: Volume 3, Chapter 11
Anime: Episode 11
Voice Actor: Sayaka Kikuchi (Japanese), Meli Grant (English)


Bard (Manga).png

Bard (anime).png

A bard seen singing of Goblin Slayer's adventures. His ballads glorified Goblin Slayer as an undefeated hero who drove out goblins in the frontier. When asked, the bard gave High Elf Archer directions to where Goblin Slayer was.

Light Novel: Volume 1
Manga: Volume 1, Chapter 4
Anime: Episode 2



A muscular ax-wielding male adventurer who was killing a horde of goblins raping women. When the barbarian caught up with the soon-to-be Goblin Lord, the latter held a woman at his mercy. Caught off guard, the barbarian and the woman were killed and his ax became Goblin Lord's weapon.

Manga: Volume 3, Chapter 13

Dog-faced Padfoot


A female padfoot soldier who got into a fight with High Elf Archer at a tavern in Water Town. She thought of elves as misers who shut themselves up in their forests. She stopped fighting once Lizard Priest intervened and soon ended up getting reprimanded by a superior officer.

Light Novel: Volume 4
Manga: Brand New Day Chapter 9

Dwarf Shaman's Uncle

Dwarf Shaman's Uncle (Manga).jpg

An aging veteran dwarf who assigns Dwarf Shaman to represent their race. He tells his nephew to adventure with an elf, much to Dwarf Shaman's dismay. After watching High Elf Archer fight a dog-faced padfoot and noticing a lizardman looking for an elf and a dwarf, the two dwarves realized they were the elf and lizardman representatives they were seeking. Before leaving the tavern, he questioned whether it was wise to entrust the fate of the dwarves in the hands of his nephew's new party.

Light Novel: Volume 4
Manga: Brand New Day Chapter 9

Elf Captive



A female elf sent from her home territory to scout and map out ruins. However, she was taken prisoner by the goblins inhabiting it and suffered torture as well as rape. After being rescued by Goblin Slayer's party, she was sent back to her home.

She is seen a year later working as a waitress in her homeland. When Goblin Slayer noticed the elf, he told her that he killed her goblin tormentors, making the elf shed a single tear from her left eye. [1]

Light Novel: Volume 1
Manga: Volume 2, Chapter 6
Anime: Episode 4

Evil Priest


A member of the Demon Lord's forces in charge of a sacrificial ceremony. Before he could begin, he was interrupted by Hero's forces. The evil priest panicked after seeing Hero draw out her sword, before he and his underlings were killed in a single blow.

Anime: Episode 6
Voice Actor: Ikuji Nose (Japanese), Chris Guerrero (English)

Evil Sect Acolyte


A member of the Evil Sect who had some responsibility for the goblin infestation of Water Town. He complained about the failure of the organization's plans when he was interrupted by Hero's party. Identifying them as enemies of his dark god, the acolyte transformed into a monstrous form to confront them, but was immediately killed by Hero.

In the anime, he is omitted and replaced by a skeletal priest.

Light Novel: Volume 2
Manga: Volume 6, Chapter 29

Female Adventurers

Female adventurers.png

A party of female adventurers who attempt to stop Dark Elf from obtaining a cursed artifact. The group nearly killed Dark Elf, but were ultimately defeated by him and his goblins.

Light Novel: Volume 3
Manga: Chapter 38

Female Party


An all-female party of steel-ranked adventurers consisting of a human monk, a rhea ranger and an elf wizard led by a human knight. The party had accepted a quest to rescue captured women from an abandoned mountain fortress functioning as a goblin nest. They waited until noon before going inside, but upon discovering the captive woman was already dead, a primitive alarm was triggered and woke up the sleeping goblins. Quickly captured, Knight was forced to watch Ranger be used as target practice, Monk's entrails being shoved into her mouth and Wizard being burned alive; after watching the latter, Knight was reduced to a vegetative state before she was finally killed and thrown into a river three days after.[2]

Light Novel: Volume 1
Manga: Volume 1, Chapter 4
Anime: Episode 2

Female Martial Artist


Martial Artist.png

A female adventurer who participated in the battle against Goblin Lord. She carried no weapons, fighting with her bare hands and pointed kneepads. In the battle, she was able to kill a hobgoblin with a knee to the face.

Manga: Volume 3, Chapter 12
Anime: Episode 10

Noble Fencer's Party

Noble Fencer party.jpg

Noble Fencer party.gif

A group of four porcelain adventurers who were Noble Fencer's party members, consisting of a half-elf warrior, a dwarf monk, a rhea scout and a human wizard. They had taken a quest to eliminate the goblins threatening the northern village and were initially enthusiastic. However, when they attempted to starve out the goblins from their supposed hideout, the party had little success and spent much of their resources trying to sustain themselves in the cold. Disgruntled, Noble Fencer's party hazed her to get provisions. Not long after, the group, save for Noble Fencer meets their end when goblins ambush their camp.

Light Novel: Volume 5
Manga: Chapter 41
Anime: Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown
Voice Actor: Aya Yamane (Female Warrior, Japanese), Hiyori Kono (Rhea Scout, Japanese), Ryo Sugisaki (Dwarf Priest, Japanese), Akira Koga (Mage, Japanese), Krystal LaPorte (Female Warrior, English), Suzie Yeung (Rhea Scout, English), Kent Williams (Dwarf Priest, English), Mark Allen Jr. (Wizard, English)

Knowledge Priestess

Knowledge Priestess.jpg

A young priestess of the God of Knowledge. While escorting a merchant with her party, she is snatched by one of Evil Wizard's gargoyles. Efforts from her party to rescue the cleric caused the gargoyle to lose its grip on her. Free-falling, she cried out desperately for help from the God of Knowledge as she fell to her death.

Light Novel: Volume 4
Manga: Brand New Day Chapter 6

Rhea Scout's Party
RheaScout party.png
A party of Steel-ranked adventurers, consisting of a monk, an axe-wielding warrior, a half-elf sorcerer and Rhea Scout. The party was aiming for a promotion to Sapphire rank so that they could take more profitable quests.

The party has since been promoted to Emerald, and later makes an appearance to defend the Temple of the Earth Mother's vineyard against a group of Chaos-aligned monsters.[3]

Light Novel: Volume 2
Manga: Volume 4, Chapter 17

Unnamed captive

Human captive.jpg

A human captive who was restrained against a vertical sacrificial by the Demon Lord's forces to be used as a sacrifice. Just before they attempted to do so, The Hero and her party arrived to rescue her.

Anime: Episode 6

Unnamed Female Swordsman

22 - Copy (2).jpg


A female adventurer who, after destroying its nest, spared a juvenile Goblin Lord when it promised to be good. The goblin, however, killed her with a rock the moment she took her eyes off him.

Light Novel: Volume 1
Manga: Volume 3, Chapter 13
Anime: Episode 12

Unnamed spearwoman

Female-spear warrior.jpg

An unnamed adventurer who was subject to torture and had her spear taken by goblins. Once Goblin Slayer arrived and killed the regular goblins, she was taken hostage by the hobgoblin leader. Fortunately, Goblin Slayer was able to lower the hobgoblin's guard, which allowed Goblin Slayer to kill him. After taking her out of the cave, Goblin Slayer handed back her spear and she cried in relief.

She later delivered corn to the Adventurer's Guild to give to Goblin Slayer as a token of gratitude.

Light Novel: Light Novel Volume 4
Manga: Brand New Day Chapter 3

Unnamed Boy

Village boy.png


A young boy living in an outlying village that was under threat from a nearby goblin nest. He dreamed of becoming an adventurer someday, and thus ventured out into the woods wanting to drive off a goblin so he can brag. However, he becomes outmatched by a goblin and ends up saved by Goblin Slayer. The boy is scolded and disciplined by his older sister later for his near-misadventure.

Light Novel: Volume 4
Manga: Brand New Day Chapter 2

Side Story: Year One

Copper-ranked Leader

Copper adventurer.jpg

A Copper-ranked adventurer who led a mass hunt for a rock eater. In the manga, he provides the adventurers with a dwarven ballista he bought, and directs them to form a defensive wall to allow Spearman to deal the killing blow.

Light Novel: Year One Light Novel Volume 1
Manga: Year One Manga Chapter 12

Cow Girl's Parents

Cow Girl's Parents.png

Cow Girl's Parents anime.png

A couple who lived next door to Goblin Slayer and his sister. After their village was ransacked by goblins, their dismembered bodies are discovered hanging from a tree swing while being scavenged by crows. During their funeral, empty coffins were used.

Light Novel: Year One Light Novel Volume 1
Manga: Year One Manga Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 2

Dwarf Warrior

Dwarf Warrior.png

A rookie adventurer who becomes a member of Young Warrior's party. When the group came face to face with a rock eater, Dwarf Warrior's arm was eaten by the monster.

Light Novel: Year One Light Novel Volume 1
Manga: Year One Manga Chapter 6

Goblin Mother

Goblin mother.jpg

A captive village girl who spent a week in a goblin nest serving as a plaything and method of reproduction. During her time in captivity, she gave birth to several goblins, which were killed when Goblin Slayer arrived to rescue her.

Light Novel: Year One Light Novel Volume 1
Manga: Year One Manga Chapter 4


Monk Year One.png

A follower of the God of Knowledge who becomes a member of Young Warrior's party. After Half-Elf Ranger was killed by a rock eater on a blob slaying quest, the monk punched the traumatized Young Warrior to discourage him from attempting to rescue their deceased companion. The party disbanded soon after.

Light Novel: Year One Light Novel Volume 1
Manga: Year One Manga Chapter 6

Steel-ranked Scout

SteelRank scout.png

A scout who accompanies the group of adventurers heading into a mine to slay a rock eater. The manga has him take a leadership role among the adventurers, and introduces him as someone who holds minor contempt towards porcelain adventurers. Shortly after entering the cave, the rock eater bit off his head; in the manga, his entire upper body was eaten.

Light Novel: Year One Light Novel Volume 1
Manga: Year One Manga Chapter 12

Three Sisters


Three sisters who lived in Goblin Slayer's village. When the village was raided by goblins, the oldest attempts to protect the other two. Though she manages to kill one goblin with a hoe, she is soon swarmed by goblins, stripped and raped. The other two sisters quickly suffer the same fate.

Manga: Year One Manga Chapter 1


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