A list of races that exist within the series but are hardly mentioned and/or seen.


Centaurs are a proud people not to be mistaken for padfoots. As typical in a fantasy series, they possess a horse's body but have a human torso where the head and neck would be.

Currently, only one centaur has been seen whom was serving as a waitress in a tavern.[1]


Minotaurs are also said to not be mistaken for padfoots, but as a group are usually not worried about such details. It is stated that some minotaurs become Pray-ers.[1]


Gillmen are an intelligent water-dwelling race. They have a distinctive resemblance to fish. They are referred to by other names such as Innsmouth, and much to their chagrin, "fish-people" and "sea-goblins". They possess emotionless bulging eyes, flippers, fins, and tridents for weapons. Their ancestor is the Octopus Lord who descended from the Sea of Stars.[2]


Undines are water spirits that manifest as a gorgeous woman. They can be used for shaman spells. Elves living in the forest ask them to wash their clothes for them. [3]


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