Lizard Priest (蜥蜴僧侶 (リザードマン) , Rizādoman) is a lizardman adventurer who is a member of Goblin Slayer's party.


Lizard Priest is a lizardman with green skin and with horns on his head. His intimidating visage and towering stature make him an unnerving, imposing figure even to his friends. He has what appear to be tribal tattoos in the form of white marks across his cheek. He wears what is presumed to be traditional garb among the priesthood of his people, along with a chest guard.


Most of the time, Lizard Priest carries himself in a calm and composed demeanor, often speaking to others politely and addressing all in a respectful manner. He cares deeply for nature due to the tenets of his religion. In the light of recent events, he is now extremely enamored with the taste of cheese, which he calls "nectar", and finds extremely exotic, as his people do not practice the art of raising livestock.


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Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Lizard Priest arrives alongside his companions to ask Guild Girl about Goblin Slayer's location.

Goblin Slayer Volume 2

Lizard Priest and his party members take Goblin Slayer on an adventure regarding goblins. He, along with his party, accept a quest to eliminate goblins below the city.


As a cleric, Lizard Priest can use magic along with conventional weaponry to fight. Currently, he is able to cast up to four spells a day.[1]

  • Melee Combat: He is a skilled melee combatant capable of killing goblins with ease.
  • Strength: During the events in Water Town, he helped Goblin Slayer and Priestess push a large stone coffin to barricade the door and hold down a large group of charging goblins when the party was down. He can enhance his strength by using Partial Dragon.[2] He is also capable of using his claws and fangs to tear apart his opponents, while using his tail as a powerful club.[3]
  • Poison Resistance: When the party was trapped in Water Town's catacombs, Lizard Priest mentioned that he is mostly unaffected by toxic vapors.[4]


  • Dragontooth Warrior: Using several fangs as catalysts, Lizard Priest can summon a Dragontooth Warrior (a bidepal lizardman skeleton) as an ally.[5]
  • Swordclaw: Using a fang as a catalyst, Lizard Priest can recite a short prayer to transform the fang into a scimitar-like blade.[6]
  • Refresh: A healing spell, though more powerful than Priestess' Minor Heal due to Lizard Priest's greater experience.[6]
  • Partial Dragon: A miracle that enhances Lizard Priest's strength. After a short prayer, his muscles swell, making him somewhat larger and more muscular.[2]
  • Communicate: By borrowing power from his ancestors, he can use this telepathic miracle to understand and communicate through another person's language.[1]
  • Rust: Causes equipment to quickly rust and deteriorate.[1]
  • Sharp Tooth: A miracle Lizard Priest uses to sharpen his weapons.[7]
  • Dragon’s Roar: As the name suggests, the sound of a dragon's mighty roar is produced.[8]


  • His clothing heavily resembles traditional Native American clothing.


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