Lizardmen (蜥蜴人 (リザードマン) , Rizādoman) are large lizard-like humanoids that are covered in hide and possess tails.


They are seen as more akin to monsters with their rather intimidating visage. However, there are friendly tribes of them that exist. Occasionally, one from such tribes will decide to become an adventurer. As a race, they have always been fighters and often made superior medics. [1]

Lizardmen do not raise livestock, as they much rather prefer to hunt animals than nurture them. This makes animal products like cheese a rare commodity to them. Additionally the lizardmen do not keep written records, committing everything to memory.

Like Elves, they live in forests. Their reptilian nature makes them more susceptible to cold climates of ice and snow.

Known Lizardmen

Known Lizardmen
LizardPriest box.png
Goblin Slayer TRPG Replay Kyuu.jpg
Lizard Priest Kyuu

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