Goblin Slayer! Volume 05
Goblin Slayer Manga Volume 05
Volume Information
Japanese Title ゴブリンスレイヤー 5
Romaji Goburin Sureiyā
Chinese Title 哥布林杀手 5
Korean Title 고블린 슬레이어 5
Series Goblin Slayer Manga
Date of Release September 25, 2018 (Japanese)
April 23, 2019 (English)
Character Debut
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Goblin Slayer! Manga Volume 05 is the fifth manga volume in the Goblin Slayer! Manga series, released on October 11, 2018. In a fantasy world where goblins are considered the weakest of prey, it revolves around one man known as 'Goblin Slayer' determined to exterminate goblins.

What is his story? Why is he so obsessed with destroying goblins? One young Priestess of the Earth Mother is about to find out, when she gets taken under his wing.

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