Martial Artist (銀髪の少女武闘家, Ginpatsu no Shōjo Budōka) is a supporting character introduced in Year One Volume 2.


Martial Artist is a tall young woman with long silver hair tied into a ponytail. Young Warrior notes that she bears a similar resemblance to Half-Elf Ranger. Her long legs and toned muscles indicate her identity as a martial artist.[1]


She is cheery and friendly. Unlike some newbie adventurers, she is not particularly arrogant and takes heed of the dangers of lowly monsters rather than rushing in or having grandiose beliefs of slaying dragons.


Year One Volume 2

Martial Artist and her party prepared to map out a mine, assuming there would be no risk involved, but were warned by Young Warrior to exercise caution. She went up to him and thanked him for the advice, before going with him and her party into an abandoned mine.

The group discovered that goblins were inhabiting it, and when a horde of goblins followed by a hobgoblin charged after them, Martial Artist went to confront the hobgoblin. To her distress, the hobgoblin's thick layers of fat rendered her punches ineffective and the hobgoblin caught her leg when she tried to kick it. However, one of her companions disarmed it, allowing Martial Artist to kill the hobgoblin with a kick to the face. After all the goblins were killed, Martial Artist was still reeling from her near-death experience; she was then comforted by Young Warrior, who told her she'd get another chance to do better as long as she was alive.

The following events are exclusive to the manga.

A warlock confronts the party and creates several copies of himself, so Martial Artist is directed to find the real warlock. Martial Artist kicks who she assumes to be the warlock, but discovers it was another decoy and is slashed from behind; a prompt from Young Warrior allows her to escape with only a graze. After the party decides to flee the area, she and the party flees the mine, she and her party are shocked to learn that Young Warrior only planned to accompany them once, and plead him to stay with them.

Manga-exclusive events end here.

She was later seen with her party and Young Warrior on the road connecting the farm and the frontier town.[2]

Year One Volume 3


  • Trained Combatant: Skilled in melee combat, Martial Artist is able to kill regular goblins and even a hobgoblin with a single kick.[3]


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