Non-Prayer Characters (ノンプレイヤーキャラクター (祈らぬ者) Nonpureiyākyarakutā), also referred to as Non-Prayers, Non-Players, Non-Praying or the Unpraying[1] is a loose term used to categorize beings aligned with Chaos. Most antagonists in the series are Non-Prayers, including goblins.


The name comes from how they do not pray to the gods of order like Prayers, and such, monsters are generally classified as Non-Prayer characters. Individuals and people such as the Evil Sect and the Demon Lord are also classified as Non-Prayers due to their alignment.

Notable species of Non-Prayers include:

Notable Non-Prayers

Ogre box.png
DemonLord box.png
EvilSectAcolyte box.png
DarkElf box.jpg
EvilWizard box.png
Demon Lord
Evil Sect Acolyte
Dark Elf
Evil Wizard


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