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Professor is a padfoot wizard who is a member of the party of rookies Young Warrior meets.


Professor has very prominent beast features including a wolflike face, claws, full-body fur, and a tail. He wears a weathered coat and a relatively small pair of glasses. He looks to be approaching middle age. [1]


Professor has a calm and restrained demeanor, and has the ability to keep a cool head. He is able to wisely take initiative without order, such as when he had already prepared a spell to disarm a hobgoblin when he saw Martial Artist in danger.


Year One Volume 2

On his party's quest to map out an abandoned mine, he is selected by Young Warrior to act as their cartographer. When Martial Artist's leg was caught by a hobgoblin, he used his Fumble spell to disarm the hobgoblin and give Martial Artist a chance to kill it. Once the goblins are cleared, he finds evidence of a warlock inside the mine.

The following events are exclusive to the manga.

When a warlock attacks from the darkness of the mine, Professor quickly uses Counter-Spell to protect the party. He quickly comes up with a plan for their front line fighters to approach and stop the warlock as well as advises them on the nature of the warlock's Shadow Self spell. After Young Warrior wounds the warlock, Professor carries Dwarf Scout on his back as the party makes their escape. Afterwards, he, as well as the rest of the party, pleads Young Warrior to stay in their party.



  • Fumble: A spell that can cause an enemy to drop their weapon.[1]
  • Counter-Spell[2]


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