Rhea Fighter (圃人 (レーア) 剣士, Rēa Kenshi) is an adventurer introduced in Volume 6.


Rhea Fighter is a young woman of small stature. She wears light armor and dons her slim legs with leggings, but is barefoot.


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Goblin Slayer Volume 6

At the Adventurer's Guild, Rhea Fighter timidly asked Lizard Priest what his party was doing, and learned they were marking potions. She was then advised by Goblin Slayer only to mark what she would need in a hurry and to avoid goblins in favor of slaying rats.[2] Her newly-formed party then took a giant rat slaying quest; they received giant rat bites, but they had prepared antidotes.[3] However, the party disbanded when the leader's family wanted him back.

When goblins attacked the training grounds, Rhea Fighter was one of the adventurers led by Priestess to rescue the rookies who had left the grounds at dusk. During the battle, she commended Wizard Boy for deterring the goblins.[4] The next day, Rhea Fighter declared she would tag along with Wizard Boy, despite the latter's objection. The two rookies witnessed Goblin Slayer laugh in reaction to their bickering, before setting off.[5]

Goblin Slayer Volume 9



  • Light armor


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