Rheas (圃人 (レーア) , Rēa) are meadow-dwelling folk that look mostly human except for their size and their pointed ears.


Rheas are smaller than the average human and are not much for combat (as described by Dwarf Shaman[1]). They reach adulthood at around thirty years of age.[2] Some of their species love to recite riddles in terms of combat and teaching, Burglar being a notable example. In terms of a typical fantasy setting, they mostly represent a halfling race.

Prejudice against rheas is existent, where they are seen as duplicitous thieves.

Known Rheas

Known Rheas
Burglar box.png
DruidGirl box.png
RheaFighter box.png
RheaRanger box.png
RheaScout box.png
Burglar Druid Girl Rhea Fighter Rhea Ranger
Rhea Scout
RheaScout minor box.png
Goblin Slayer TRPG Replay Choushunka.jpg
Rhea Scout


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