Rookie Warrior




Personal Information
Race Human
Job Adventurer
Gender Male
Rank Porcelain
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Media Information
Voice Actor Matt Shipman (English)
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 1
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 1

Rookie Warrior is a porcelain ranked adventurer who is in a two person party with Apprentice Cleric.


Rookie Warrior is a young man who wears basic equipment, including leather armor. In the anime, he has short blonde hair.


Rookie Warrior is bit of an airhead, but nonetheless brave. He prefers using a sword as his weapon of choice, but is willing to use other weapons if needed.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric approached Priestess and asked her to leave Goblin Slayer to join their party, only to be dissuaded from their attempts by Witch.

Goblin Slayer Volume 4

Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric were in the sewers of town clearing out the giant rats and giant roaches that have infested them. While doing battle with giant rats, Rookie Warrior's sword was stuck in a rat they had just killed and both of them are forced to retreat when a wave of giant roaches approach them.

The following day, he and Apprentice Cleric asked Spearman and Witch for a spare weapon. To his disappointment, they did not have one to spare, but Witch handed them a magic candle which would light up the closer they got to the sword. Reluctantly, he went to Goblin Slayer for help, who suggested using a club.

Upon going back into the sewers, they discover using the candle that the sword was inside a giant roach. Unable to escape, Rookie Warrior grabs a lantern off of Apprentice Cleric's belt and throws it on the ground to create a massive wall of fire in front of it. After Apprentice Cleric wounded the roach with Holy Smite, Rookie Warrior clubbed it to death, cut open its remains and retrieved his weapon.[1]


Rookie Warrior has some skill in the use of a sword and club. He also trains with Heavy Swordsman.


  • In the Funimation Dub, he is credited as Greenhorn Warrior.[2]


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