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Your work helps set things right in the world! So do it with a smile!

— Senior Receptionist

A senior receptionist is an Adventurer's Guild receptionist who acted as Guild Girl's mentor.


She wears the traditional guild uniform which is a blue blazer vest, long skirt, and black skirt accented with a yellow bow. She has long light-colored hair.


She is energetic and serious about her work, but she was willing to assist and encourage a young Guild Girl in getting through her job at the Adventurer's Guild.


Year One Volume 1

During a hectic day at the Adventurer's Guild, she told Guild Girl that her work was meaningful and encouraged her to do it with a smile. Later on, she taught Guild Girl that a receptionist was not responsible for taking care of adventurers.

After seeing Guild Girl writing a promotion application for Goblin Slayer, she stated that everyone has one or two adventurers they want to support. When Guild Girl called out her contradiction, the receptionist replied that what to say depended on time and place.

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