GS Smith

Smith anime

Personal Information
Japanese 鍛冶職人
Race Human
Job Smith
Gender Male
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Media Information
Voice Actor R. Bruce Elliot (English)
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Goblin Slayer Chapter 10
Anime Episode 5
"You make a lot of orders, but it's always cheap stuff. Bah! Just makes more work for me."
- Smith grumbles on the nature of Goblin Slayer's orders.

Smith (鍛冶職人) is the local blacksmith whose establishment is close to the Adventurer's Guild.


Smith is a short, robust-looking old man with thinning white hair on his head. He is frequently seen to keep his right eye closed and sprouts a mustache paired with a beard. Normally, he appears to be clad in a sturdy blacksmith apron and black gloves.


Smith is a practical individual who questions adventurers who value style over safety and pragmatism.


Smith was giving armor and weapon to a new adventurer, noting that so many of them don't bother with practicality anymore.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1


Smith is presumably a good blacksmith as almost all the adventurers get their equipment from him, including Goblin Slayer.


  • (To his assistant about Goblin Slayer): "Heh! Only a munchkin would use an enchanted sword against Goblins. He knows his business well."