The King (国王陛下, Kokuō Heika) is the ruler of the land and a former adventurer.


He wears a militaristic style uniform with a long cape, large black boots and white formal gloves.


The king is someone who takes his royal duties seriously, managing everything from what the farmers need to grow to seeing that the remnants of the Dark Lord's forces that are stirring up trouble, are dealt with. However, the king does wish he could go adventuring from time to time again when things get too stressful.


The king spent much of his teenage youth being an adventurer with his closest friends and clearing out goblin caves, and found it to be a much simpler time. He has been friends with Sword Maiden for quite some time.


Goblin Slayer Volume 4

The king went to Sword Maiden to discuss an issue with an Evil Wizard who seemed to be summoning either demons or raising gargoyles to do his bidding. Knowing he can't send any military forces to the tower tomb to deal with the matter (as a necromancer was building an army in another part of the country), he was forced to issue a request to have some adventurers deal with the situation. Stressed, the king confided Sword Maiden how he wished he could go back to the simpler days of adventuring, to which Sword Maiden replied that similarly she too desired to go back to being a normal girl recently. After acknowledging neither one can go back to their former lives, The king prepared to leave, stating that he had only come to request the assistance of some warrior priests and commenting that Sword Maiden seemed to be thinking of someone.

Goblin Slayer Volume 8

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  • Leadership: The king is in charge of overseeing the entire human nation.[2] When he was a prince, he led an army of Prayer Characters against an army of undead.[3]


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