Argh, my big brother’s the worst! He gets to go here, there, and everywhere, while I’m not even allowed to go outside!

— The Princess

The Princess (王妹殿下, Ō-mai Denka) is the younger sister of The King. Tired of her sheltered life, she sneaks outside but ends up getting kidnapped and taken to the Dungeon of the Dead by goblins.


The princess is a young girl whose appearance is notably similar to Priestess', albeit with shorter and more lustrous hair as well as a bigger chest.[3]


The princess is introduced as a boisterous young girl who longs to be an adventurer and go outside like her brother. As such, she is discontent with having to stay indoors and other people making decisions for her. Her desire to adventure led her to steal Priestess' vestments and equipment, though she felt guilty for doing so not long after.

After being rescued by Goblin Slayer's party, she developed an admiration for Priestess and converted to a belief in the Earth Mother as a result.[1]


The princess grew up spending much of her life being sheltered and having other people decide things for her. As a result, she developed the desire to venture the outside world as an adventurer.


Goblin Slayer Volume 8

Discontent with how she wasn't allowed to go outside and be an adventurer, the princess planned to sneak out at night. She came across Priestess in a bathing facility and after learning she was an adventurer, asked about her equipment and rank. Immediately after, she made off with Priestess' vestments, chain mail and staff.

At dawn, she decided to accompany a merchant on his way north. However, an ambush by a horde of goblin riders forced them to flee. Still in the wagon, the princess tried to get onto the merchant's horse, but fell to the ground when the wagon hit a rock. Unable to defend herself, the princess was then taken captive by the goblins to the Dungeon of the Dead. She was intended to be used as a living sacrifice to resurrect a greater demon, but Goblin Slayer's party managed to rescue her.

After her rescue, word spread that the princess had converted into a believer of the Earth Mother after a chance encounter with a certain cleric, wishing to grow up to be just like her.



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