Witch is Spearman's only party member. Spearman and the Witch are partners, and the two are often seen together. It can be inferred that the two are very close friends.

She has feelings for him; thus she is annoyed by his advances toward Guild Girl.


Goblin Slayer

Unlike most other adventurers, Witch respects him and acknowledges that his work is for the good of the common villagers. Untroubled of his oddity, she is willing to help him out when asked.

Upon seeing his unmasked face, she commented that Goblin Slayer was rather handsome.


Witch seems to like Priestess, helping her out when other adventurers were trying to recruit her, and giving her advice about how to proceed with Goblin Slayer.

Guild Girl

Witch is jealous of Guild Girl since Spearman seems to be infatuated with her, as he is the object of her affections. She attempts to mask her irritation whenever Spearman flirts with Guild Girl, but the receptionist can see right through it. Despite this conflict, the two are shown to hold a bond over the fact that they both are vying for the attention of a man who does not show them romantic interest. Witch even goes so far as to commend her for inviting Goblin Slayer to accompany her in the harvest festival.