Wizard (女魔術師, Onna Majutsushi) was a spell-casting adventurer who was part of a porcelain-ranked party on a goblin slaying quest.


Wizard wears dark robes, a cloak, a pair of glasses and a pointed large hat. She also wears slightly heeled boots and wields a magic staff awarded to her by her academy upon graduation.


Wizard was less lighthearted than the party she accompanied. She was not very fond of clerics, especially Priestess, whose skittish behavior worsened her impression.

During her mission to slay goblins, Wizard felt a great rush of confidence after killing one of them. She takes great pride in her staff and was thus enraged when a goblin snapped it in half.


Wizard had graduated at the top of her class from the academy in the capital where she had learned her spells.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

After graduating, Wizard joined a party who decided to take a goblin slaying quest. Entering a cave, they were soon attacked by goblins from side tunnels they had failed to notice and quickly overpower Wizard. In a fit of rage, she flailed wildly and kicked away several goblins in the process, but stopped after being stabbed in the abdomen. Unable to save the other party members, Priestess attempted to heal Wizard's wound, but only worsened her condition. When Goblin Slayer arrived, he revealed that the dagger she was stabbed with was poisoned. Wizard begged him to kill her, which Goblin Slayer obliged.

Goblin Slayer Volume 8

Wizard was apparently buried in a graveyard near the Capital. While accompanied by High Elf Archer, Priestess knelt in front of the tombstone and assures that she'll keep hunting goblins even with the skittish behavior that Wizard scolded her for, and that she met her younger brother.


Wizard was considered a genius by the academy. She also managed to kill off one of the goblins with her flame spell.


  • Firebolt


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