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Goblin Slayer! Side Story: Year One Volume 1 is the first novel of the Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One series.

Official Synopsis

After his sister is brutally murdered during a goblin raid, a young boy swears vengeance upon the creatures who killed her and the rest of his village. Five years later and now a novice adventurer, he is by chance reunited with his childhood friend, another survivor of the massacre.

Despite his inexperience, crude battle gear, and low rank, the boy sets off alone on a mission to defeat a lair of goblins--thus begins the origin story of how he came to be known as Goblin Slayer!

- Yen Press

Full Summary


  • Prologue: Campaign Climax: Thus, the World Was Saved
  • Chapter 1: Life Path: Bloodline, Experience, and Encounters
  • Interlude: Of Something Typical That Becomes the Seed of an Adventure
  • Chapter 2: Shopping Expedition: Getting Equipment
  • Interlude: Of Their First Adventure
  • Chapter 3: Tutorial: First Adventure
  • Interlude: Of the Two of Them After That
  • Chapter 4: Middle Phase
  • Interlude: "Sadly, Her Adventure Ended Here"
  • Chapter 5: Advance to the Next: Level Experience and Growth
  • Chapter 6: Solo Adventure: Not Even Seven Adventurers
  • Chapter 7: Climax Phase: Night Comes
  • Chapter 8: Ending Phase: The Battle Ends
  • Chapter 9: After Session: Between Adventures
  • Epilogue: Character Creation: Thus, the Adventurer Steps upon the Board


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