This is the nineteenth chapter of the Year One manga.

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The young girl wakes up late at night to welcome the adventurer back from his quest. After the adventurer learns that the orphanage had neither medicine nor miracles, the girl suggests he head home. When she went to bed, she had a dream of holding a sacred blade in her hand.

In the Temple of the Earth Mother, Heavy Warrior greets the young warrior who had just woken up. He tells the warrior of the rock eater's death, but adds that he did not deliver the killing blow; he finishes off by stating things don't always work out like one hopes. However, Heavy Warrior acknowledges his efforts and praises him for dealing the first hit, which the young warrior comes to accept. Elsewhere in the temple, Spearman brings the adventurer for a young acolyte to treat. While washing bandages, the young acolyte subconsciously casts a healing miracle on the adventurer.

Major Events

Character Appearance

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